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  • The 30-Minute Burn is designed to make you think on a practical level about what you really want from your life. It helps to determine the Top 5 values and Top 5 Goals of an individual.

    Test is divided into 3 core sections - 10 minutes each and other informative sections. There are 2 principle sections with a break in the middle: Values & Goals. – really forcing yourself to stick to the time limit will make you concentrate harder.

  • Section A – Top 10 career values
    Values are things that are vitally important to you. They range from SOFT criteria such as fun and happiness to HARD criteria such as travel. Think back to times in the past when you have been enthused, motivated, happy and content in your work. These are times when you have been going 'with the grain' of your values. On the other hand, recall those times when you weren’t enjoying yourself or you felt de-motivated. Chances are you were going 'against the grain’ of your values.

    Record all the values that are important to you and then select five that you feel are the most important. 

  • Section B – Rest your brain!
    Sit back and take a break for 10 minutes to clear your head.

  • Section C – Top 5 career goals
    Spend 10 minutes recording up to 10 goals that you want to achieve in the next two years and then prioritize them to produce your top 5. Two years is the minimum period of time you should give any career opportunity so it serves well as a benchmark for this exercise.

  • Result
    The Career Burn summary will be represented in full – Values and Goals as a career frame.
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